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                Metal structure ceilings, with their strong flame retardancy, good environmental adaptability, convenient installation, and other advantages, have been used by more and more applications of social decoration projects, but also due to the rise of a large number of dragons and snakes, miscellaneous and shoddy products. The interests of consumers have been greatly damaged, and the decorative effect of consumers' eyes has been greatly reduced. To enable consumers to have a basic understanding of emerging decorative metal ceilings, please watch the advantages and disadvantages of the metal ceilings without disturbing you. Quality approach.

                If you need high-grade decoration, do you need to understand what is the real metal ceiling? Do you need to understand the structural style of the metal ceiling? Do you want to distinguish the quality of the metal ceiling?

                Not afraid of goods than goods, I am afraid I do not know the goods. The development of society is absolutely forward. If counterfeit and inferior products are rampant, it will only be temporary. China should have a fine quality of the national industry. Xinjing people always pursue quality first, customer first, responsible for the society, and responsible for the customers. Satisfied, use more confidence. And Xinjing brand series of products to the community commitment, exquisite workmanship, high flatness, uniform color, indoor use, color unchanged for ten years.

                The "Xinjing Brand" metal ceiling series produced by our factory is equipped with square-shaped, rectangular, three-dimensional, bar-shaped, bone-cut, hole-drilled, lattice-shaped, hanging-plate type and all kinds of special-shaped ceiling series structure , The product quality index reached and exceeded the same type of imported products, and passed the international quality system ISO9001: 2000 certification, the products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions at home and abroad and the world.

                Here, I would like to compare the production process of the metal ceiling products to the users. To protect the interests of consumers.

                Good quality, high standard: "Xinjing Brand"

                Ceiling series production, strict implementation of ISO production standards, each production process, have done self-inspection, the next process inspection process, sampling, total inspection procedures, so that the factory quality, color difference pass rate of 99.9%, not crafts, but Better than crafts.

                Production process comparison;

                1 material selection

                The clever woman is hard to cook without rice. To make a good product, we must have good materials; to achieve the perfect effect of a day's decoration, we must have good products. In this spirit, the new King companies strive for excellence in product requirements, strict implementation of the international quality ISO9002 system, the requirements of raw materials, in addition to the necessary factory certificate, and the access to aluminum alloy sheet, raw material flatness, machining plasticity , Heat deformation degree, thickness specifications for a variety of rigorous testing, usually the market circulation of raw materials to achieve the use of the standard is only about 25%, the minimum standard to ensure that the flatness can not be wave-shaped, bending forming, the angle is not deformed, the thickness of the finished product can only On the difference, we do not allow the principle of under-disparity, and we always follow the normative standard operation. Effectively ensure the commitment of the new King company to the user, the new King products, and confidence guarantee.

                2 Keep improving

                This new company has complete production facilities and strong capabilities. In order to achieve product standardization and production in each process, the equipment is complete, from punching to forming mold production, spraying and packaging, and it is self-contained. Therefore, it can be used in various processes. Strict quality control. From the molding of the square plate, the die precision, different thickness of our company's products, and the gap between the die, the die and the different thickness products of different requirements are only 10 microns. Therefore, the manufactured products have high precision and good density. The high density of the corner joints is sufficient to make the water in the dishes, and the use of materials is sufficient, and the use of high material bearing coefficients, so that the high level of product quality can not afford to wave, to ensure the overall assembly effect is perfect.

                3 styles new

                Due to the well-equipped production and technical design system, it has strong market adaptability, constantly absorbing domestic and foreign ceiling styles and structural essences, constantly innovating to adapt to the market's modern new ideas, and adopting time as the speed of money to compete with each year. Nearly a dozen new structures and new products were introduced to the market. With their new style and good quality image, they attracted the attention of the market consumer trend. The ceiling industry plays an important role in guiding consumption and guiding consumption.

                4 spraying process

                The air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines have a color difference, and their placement is different. They are the same and different, and are not easily noticeable. However, the coloring of the ceiling, thousands of pieces are put together on a plane, the visual angle is intuitive, and no serious color difference is observed. Even if there is only a one-hundred and one-hundred percent difference, it is difficult to look at the ceiling, and the durability of color and weather will directly affect the rights and interests of consumers. In the long run, the overall effect and quality of the decoration will be affected, and the supervision of the responsible person will be negligent. Responsibility reputation.

                Why do many brands of ceilings have serious chromatic aberrations and are prone to yellowing, discoloration, or discoloration, or can some parts of the paint film fall off after a long time? Why is the "New Vision brand" ceiling, but dare to guarantee that the color difference genuine rate of 99.9%, climbing does not remove paint, does not change color over time? And to ensure that the "New King brand" metal ceiling series products do not change color during the indoor use for ten years, the reasons are:

                A, surface spray, the current popular metal ceiling finish, 90% are electrostatic powder spray. Its characteristics: high strength, elegant color appearance, but what material has high, medium and low. Powder coatings are no exception. Different levels of price difference between the small difference of several thousand dollars - million / ton, plate flour grain smooth and soft color, strong weather resistance, is largely due to the quality of plastic powder, the grade determines the appearance and durability of durability.

                B, equipment factors:

                First, because the electrostatic spraying of plastic powder is powder and gas mixing, the atomized particles can be electrostatically charged by the high-voltage electrostatic gun, and the principle of positive and negative phase attraction is absorbed, and the principle is naturally adsorbed on the workpiece. Therefore, different grades of Electrostatic generator spray gun, greatly affect the quality of the product, low-level electrostatic generator spray gun, organic will make the charged particles uneven, depending on the thickness of the workpiece particles are different, have the opportunity to pass the heat curing after the same batch of thin products The place turned white and the thick place turned yellow.

                Second, hand-spraying and robotic spraying also greatly affect the stability of quality. Hand-painted spray is a gesture, but it can not overcome human intervention. The physical strength before and after meals is different. The mood is good and the mood is poor. The gestures are also different. It plays an important role in determining product quality. Therefore, our company uses a computer-controlled reciprocator manipulator, which completely overcomes the artificial defect factors and plays a role in guaranteeing the coating quality.

                Third, the curing equipment, general-purpose old powder curing computer-controlled heat curing diesel burner, (individually to reduce costs and still stay at the level of the original coal burning firewood) However, because the diesel heat fan in the essential performance of computer-controlled constant temperature, will All will be turned off and heat up, but due to the nature of the problem, after the flameout must be the shortest but also 5-8 minutes to start again, otherwise re-ignition early, diesel fryers will occur, but the normal curing time is 180o-200o The constant temperature time is only 12-15 minutes. Therefore, the ceiling color is the most sensitive and most noticeable place. The temperature of the curing oven is not set at a constant temperature, and a good constant temperature cannot be guaranteed. It will cause the color difference of the ceiling. As early as the 1990s, our factory In response to this problem, all the automatic production lines have been remodeled and changed to computer-controlled gas solidification, and the production cost has been relatively increased. However, the constant temperature fire in the gas burners is not extinguished, but only the size of the fire, but greatly improved the product's Color difference genuine rate.

                C. The pre-treatment process for the semi-finished products is the same as the pre-treatment solution. However, if the manual treatment is used, there is a large extent of the overall cleaning of the surface and the surface of the sprayed coating. Due to man-made and objective negligence, the degreasing of the pre-treatment is caused. Incomplete, resulting in lack of coating and plate surface adhesion, resulting in possible coating off the coating phenomenon, our company is using a fully automated cleaning spray production line, the workpiece through a specific set of hundreds of high pressure nozzle, the degreasing agent The detersive agent is pressurized from different angles so that the surface of each workpiece has over one hundred degreasing agents. The degreasing agent removes the oil contamination of the workpiece through the pressure, and the pretreatment process is done as a percentage to ensure the quality is absolutely guaranteed. The domestic labor force is relatively cheap, and the cost increase of material costs is relatively increased. The strict implementation of the international quality ISO9002 system enables our company's products to guarantee that the metal surface will be broken and the paint film will not fall off. Effectively guarantees my new King's commitment to the user, the new King products, the guarantee of confidence, a day of decoration to see for a long time, for the customer's high-quality requirements, the perfect effect of the efforts.


                D. Spraying Process In addition to the above-mentioned problems in determining product quality, the curing process of electrostatic spray is also a key issue. Regardless of detailed technical issues, curing time and curing temperature are critical issues, and electrostatic spray powders are used. Curing time, in principle, at 180o-200o constant temperature curing time of not less than 12-15 minutes, the time is too short, because the resin electrostatic powder is not fully dissolved, resulting in poor weatherability, easy to yellow discoloration. According to the explanation, in order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers only have a curing time of 7-8 minutes, and the product is also relatively uniform when the surface is observed for initial installation. However, in a few months, the entire surface finish has serious color differences due to reasons other than materials. Another reason for the use of low-grade plastic powder is that the product has not yet been fully cured and set for the above reasons. The operating specifications produced by our company are 100% in accordance with the regulations 185o-190o curing time and effective production of absolute operating temperature of 15 minutes or more, thus ensuring the stability of coating quality.

                E. Why do you often see different brand products change color? Because the electrostatic powder coating material belongs to a kind of polyester, in addition to the above process factors, the plastic powder coating also has different grades, medium and low grades, and the price difference is different. More than 10,000 tons, and divided into outdoor powder and indoor powder, the discoloration degree will be changed to some extent under the influence of oxidation, ultraviolet rays and other factors. It is only half a year or five years in time. The color change ratio is 5% or 20% or more, discoloration is balanced or unbalanced and negotiable (surface gloss, the higher the luminosity, the higher the relative color weatherability), but advanced decorative materials, fashion trends matte, discoloration time mainly refers to the general 20 degrees The finish is sprayed with light. Therefore, the user is required to specify the responsibility with the manufacturer or distributor according to the different requirements. Since 2001, in order to take New King products to a higher level, without changing the price, the full use of advanced outdoor plastic powder will ensure that the "New King" metal ceiling series of products for indoor use Years do not change color.

                (Individuals can be used for accelerated aging test. The same kind of products can be used to close half of the board surface with vinyl paper, write the date, get the roof for half a month or longer, tear off the black tape, you will find other boards The surface has become a yellow and white color, and the ceiling of the “New View Series Brand” is not changing and maintains a brand-new feeling.

                Reputation is the foundation of our existence, customers are our God, genuine, value for money, coupled with the new prestige after-sales service of the new King brand agents throughout the country, as long as you need, here you can always find your favorite one Product. Believe that customers will be satisfied with buying and use more confidence. Guarantee your satisfaction.

                If you are dissatisfied with the quality of our services, you can lodge a complaint with E-mail to xj@china-xinjing.com.

                The introduction of Foshan Xinjing Industrial Co., Ltd. (Xinjingtianmian Decoration Material Factory) was established in 1988. It has a production area of 20,000 square meters and has 18 years of professional experience in manufacturing metal ceilings. Accuracy of professional processing equipment and imported spray production line, the annual production capacity of more than 1 million square feet.

                Xinjing brand ceiling series products have the advantages of good quality, high standard, new style, strong flame retardance, high flatness, long lasting color, strong adhesion, and genuine color difference rate of 99.9%. Year after year, it won the honor of “trustworthy products”, “excellent products” and “national hardware industry famous brand products” by the China Building Decoration Association, and won the award of the China Building Decoration Association, the China Quality Inspection Association, and the provincial and municipal technology supervision authorities for successive years. Sampling qualified products and quality compliance units, product quality indicators meet and exceed similar imported products, and passed the international quality system ISO9002 international standard TUV TUV certification, its number NO: Q2001041166001, the products are exported to more than 30 countries at home and abroad and the world area. The "Xinjing Brand" metal ceiling series produced by our factory is equipped with square-shaped, rectangular, three-dimensional, bar-shaped, bone-cut, hole-drilled, lattice-shaped, hanging-type and various kinds of special-shaped ceiling structure series Xinjian people always pursue quality first, customer first, responsible for the society, responsible for the customers, and buy it with utmost satisfaction. And Xinjing brand series of products to the community commitment, exquisite workmanship, high flatness, uniform color, indoor use, color unchanged for ten years.